An Appreciation of Tradition as a Spiritual Practice

I am coming to the end of this month of short reflections on the topic of Tradition.

I have chosen to look at Tradition in an abstract way, not at specific traditions, but rather as part of the ethos of being human. The light and shadow of Tradition has formed us as part of families, communities and cultures. Tradition is so much of who we are that it is not questioned until circumstances reveal change and perhaps conflict in our world as we know it. We each contain many traditions: familial, educational, cultural, judicial, medical, religious among others. Where is there change? Where is there continuity?

So, what makes appreciating Tradition a Spiritual Practice? The key perhaps is in the willingness to move into contemplation to reflect on what is, and what was, and to see the continuity between humans through time.

During this early Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere as the days grow shorter, I invite you to reflect on Tradition and yourself as a being that embodies traditions, creates customs which may become traditions, yet who lives life in this present time and place.

So, do I have a favorite tradition? I have many. This time of year may have me taking long walks, enjoying the crisp air, gathering leaves or pine cones and returning home to where it is warm and there is light. The tradition that is carried forward may be of countless generations doing the same, each in their own time.



Please share any thoughts or comments that you have below. I love to read them.

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