Appreciation of Tradition As A Spiritual Practice

Tomorrow will be Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. It is my favorite time of year!

My reflections on tradition this month have required me to look at some of the shadow sides of Tradition. As in the previous month, it is easy to see the roots of hatred and racism as evils (among others) carried along through time. Those are traditions which we must continually work to rid ourselves of.

There is also loss of custom and Tradition. The recent hurricanes, fires, floods and earthquakes have changed people’s lives and communities forever. Yes, in a changed situation men and women will seek to re-create their traditions and that is a strength, but traditions may have changed in the re-creation.

And so we are, human beings, carriers of Tradition, often resilient, living into a new season. That is a blessing.

What traditions do you consciously experience in your life? How might they have been different in the time of your grandparents? What has changed?

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