Rootedness as a Spiritual Practice

Today in the United States we experienced the eclipse. After weeks of building up to the event, scientific discussions of what was happening, and concern about safety glasses as well as long distance travel by many, it happened. I personally loved it although I watched it on tv. Due to foggy conditions the eclipse remained a shadowed event where I was. Many others throughout the United States were able to see it more clearly than I was.

I have more empathy for our ancestors for whom this was perhaps a terror filled event. Perhaps they not only were unprepared for such an event but the fact that some were permanently blinded may have increased the disruption they experienced.

What I enjoyed seeing on tv were the groups of friends and family who traveled to witness the eclipse together. While watching a solar event, perhaps they were also experiencing the rootedness of sharing something of significance together.

What do you think?

What was your experience?



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