Rootedness as a Spiritual Practice

When I think of rootedness I am reminded of my landlady's wisteria. I know that may sound a bit strange.

A couple of years ago my landlady wished to have the back of her residence re-painted. In preparation of the painting, she had an old wisteria vine cut down to the ground level. She saved pieces of the vine which were large and twisted as decorative pieces in large flower arrangements, had the painting done and imagined that was all of the wisteria vine. Little did she know that the wisteria was plotting a come-back. Wisteria vines have come up where the roots originally were, in the flower beds, and even through cracks in the concrete floor. I had never thought of wisteria as invasive, but having seen it, I imagine the wisteria will survive longer than the house. I find it amusing and am in awe of the tenacity of this vine.

I imagine each of us are aware of our own "vines" which may be positive, but also potentially less so. We could discuss all kinds of seemingly real and metaphorical vines.

However, in this blog post I wish to focus on that deep root that is part of our goodness, our courage, our tenacity that draws strength from the Holy One who is also the source of our being. It is not a wisteria plant but rather our own living self. We can find humor in our humanness as well as appreciation and gratitude for the gift of life and the grace of living. Thanks be to God.

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