Rootedness as a Spiritual Practice

I am house-sitting in North-State California and enjoying a garden on the property that could use some assistance. As it is not my property, I don't want to make a large investment in giving the garden that attention. So, during my stay here, I have been putting cuttings into water and rooting them. In a relatively short time, fragile filaments become visible and then roots. These are then ready for planting where the roots will hopefully establish the plant more securely provided there is enough water, sun, and nutrients for the plant to survive. At this time there is plenty of sun, water less so.

During the month of August, I will continue to reflect upon rootedness both as a way of looking at both fragility and strength.

Why rootedness rather than stability or groundedness? I will touch on those topics as well as they are not separate from rootedness. Also, this blog for August will not be a reflection on Jesus' Parable of the Sower, although I may touch on that as well.

During this month of August as we prepare for the increased pace of the next few months, and as eyes are focused on the skies with both a lunar and solar eclipse, let us also look at our rootedness including our own fragility and strength. Let us look at our need for community, spiritual practice, and God's grace in our lives. May your roots, as well as mine, be deep ones.

Your thoughts or reflections on this topic are invited. Prayers for Earthenware Ministry are always appreciated.



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