Play as Spiritual Practice

So, you're the life of the party. Right?


Or, maybe you are and I'm not.

As adults we often pack play into the box labeled "Vacation", "Weekend", or a party that has been pre-scheduled and planned. Often our expectations don't match the reality. The kids get sick, the babysitter cancels, the car breaks down or there is a crisis at work. What then?

Have you ever looked at adults visiting a theme park and noticed their stress. And, this is supposed to be play?

Also, we may have an image of ourselves that is not really our preference either in the moment or ever. (I imagine there are gregarious extroverts who seem to party easily, but I am not one of them.)

I AM all for future planning and schedules. I WILL never be the life of the party. But…

I can choose to see humor in the moment. I can change the routine. I can find pleasure in the scent of a rose or an essential oil. I can put on some lively music and dance. I can read a good book. I can smile at an elderly couple holding hands. I can do a Wordsearch or a Cross Word puzzle. I can play, now, not later.

How about you?

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