Sacred Space

On Ash Wednesday morning,  I was in a parking lot, preparing to get into my car when I happened to see a nest building sparrow.  The bird, with a twig in its beak, was intent and focused on the task.  Although I was curious, I stayed far enough away as to not distract it.  I don’t know why this small bird chose the vines that cover a particular building as a location to build its nest.  Perhaps it had been hatched in the same general area and this was a known home where it was choosing to build its own nest as well.  My feelings in observing this little bird, were ones of curiosity, interest, and respect as the bird created a home – a sparrow house for its young.  I imagine that in this sparrow house later there would be eggs and and then the sparrow would require its feathered body to keep the eggs warm until the young emerged.







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