Sacred Space

In the Christian Liturgical calendar, it is drawing near to the season of Lent.  In my own life I am planning a move to a new location which means saying good-bye to some things and especially people who are dear to me, and opening myself to the unknown.  Also in my own life I’m seeking to center myself more fully in creativity and to be settled, creative and productive in ways that I can not fully envision at this time.  Winter in the Northern Hemisphere is drawing to a close with the promise of Spring.  In the United States, we seem to be in a season of discontent and almost everyone I know, including myself, are discontented.  Each of these spaces, liturgical, personal, seasonal and political are sacred spaces.  There are other spaces in addition to these, but these few will do for now.

Sometimes we enter into the myth that sacred space is something set apart, quiet and restful, and it can be.  However, I suggest that the liminal spaces of transitions, and even discontent, is where the Holy resides but we forget to imagine, to look for, that Presence.  So, how do we do this, create sacred space, to intentionally welcome the Holy?  In the next few blog posts, I will continue to reflect on this.  My two theological assumptions are that all space is holy because there is no where God is not.  Secondly, that in creating the world, God called God’s creation good.  We, each of us, are sacred spaces.  We are good.  We are in transition.  We experience Seasons.  We may be contented or discontented.  Still, there is no place where God is not.  Peace.