Re-Opening the Door

The month of July was a very exciting one for me.  I hope it was for you as well.  During the month, I re-opened the door to visual art and also writing.  So, how did I do that?  I was an art major as an under-grad.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Studio Art – Ceramic Sculpture).  I was in my 30’s and quickly moved into the job, the studio room became a nursery, and later graduate school education called.  I mostly loved what I was doing, but always felt that I had left something important behind.  In April, I began a new job and opted for only three days a week (19 hours) instead of the 40 – 60 I had been working.  Then in July, I switched my hours to evenings so that I would have mornings to create.  Then, I discovered a free on-line creativity workshop (Woman Unleashed) and returned to my art journal.  In the middle of the month, I participated in a Amherst Writers and Artists Workshop at Pacific School of Religion and began creative writing.  At work, I am leading a dynamic creative writing Group as well as a short story reading group.  I am also preparing an anthology of the work that the writers are reading aloud in the creative writing group. In short, after a long time away from creative work, I am in the thick of it.  I love re-opening the door as a woman in my 60’s, who has done many things and experienced many things.  It is a blessing.  The month of August has been a deepening of the events begun in July.  Love does indeed lead the way, and I am racing to keep up.

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