Today is a beautiful day.  The weather is warm and the sky is a brilliant blue.  Here in Northern California, we are luxuriating in late summer.  Labor Day weekend is next weekend.  At this time of year, I find it easy to look around and see abundance especially as the year turns toward harvest celebrations.

However, I don’t find it as easy to see the abundance in myself.  How about you?

I can see the abundance of what I do, the tasks of life.  I can often see the abundance of gifts that I have received,and continue to receive.  I can more readily see what I am not and judge myself as lacking.   What  is more difficult to see, is that through God’s grace, I (Meghan) am abundant.

In this moment, I am abundant with life, abundant with gifts, abundant with opportunities, abundant with creativity, abundant with imagination, abundant with love, abundant with joy, and abundant in service.

There is something to be said for forgetfulness of what one does, but I wonder in our concern for pride, that we become unconscious of abundance itself, and do not see that being abundant is essentially who we are.  Let me repeat that, being abundant is essentially who we are.  Each of us.

Retirement offers a special time to acknowledge that through God’s grace we are abundant.  This is something we can be aware of, and to celebrate.  Letting go of some of life’s busyness can offer time to see and may also be an invitation to savor life and living.  Not only life in the past, although that is an important awareness, but rather life in the present.  I will write more about savoring later – today, I invite you to reflect in this moment  upon the abundance of what you are, and who you are, and whose you are.  I invite you to celebrate your individual abundance, and give thanks.



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Re-Opening the Door

The month of July was a very exciting one for me.  I hope it was for you as well.  During the month, I re-opened the door to visual art and also writing.  So, how did I do that?  I was an art major as an under-grad.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Studio Art – Ceramic Sculpture).  I was in my 30’s and quickly moved into the job, the studio room became a nursery, and later graduate school education called.  I mostly loved what I was doing, but always felt that I had left something important behind.  In April, I began a new job and opted for only three days a week (19 hours) instead of the 40 – 60 I had been working.  Then in July, I switched my hours to evenings so that I would have mornings to create.  Then, I discovered a free on-line creativity workshop (Woman Unleashed) and returned to my art journal.  In the middle of the month, I participated in a Amherst Writers and Artists Workshop at Pacific School of Religion and began creative writing.  At work, I am leading a dynamic creative writing Group as well as a short story reading group.  I am also preparing an anthology of the work that the writers are reading aloud in the creative writing group. In short, after a long time away from creative work, I am in the thick of it.  I love re-opening the door as a woman in my 60’s, who has done many things and experienced many things.  It is a blessing.  The month of August has been a deepening of the events begun in July.  Love does indeed lead the way, and I am racing to keep up.