Love Leads the Way II

I left this blog in January, with my attention toward moving North.  For awhile, it seemed as if that were exactly the direction I was pointed.  My position working at a retirement residential facility in Emeryville came to a close as my position was eliminated.  As with most people in their 60’s,  I was anxious that I might never be hired again.  I applied to many positions north of the San Francisco Bay Region with no success.  I applied to another retirement residential facility in San Francisco and was hired with a start month of April.  I was offered both full time and part time employment and opted for the part time.  The facility is one that serves primarily Jewish residents, I am Christian.  How would I be received?  Would I be open to receiving them?  Both were questions that I pondered as I prepared to begin working.   I am happy to say that I am delighted with my new position.  I am leading a phenomenal creative writing group, an equally phenomenal short story group, and have recently begun a Mandala group.  The Executive Director asked me how I felt about being working at his facility, I said that I felt honored.  I do.  I also feel deeply privileged to listen to residents, some of whom are Holocaust Survivors.  I am aware that the lens that I see through is a Christian one, but I am immersed a few hours a week in service and in something very creative that augments my perspectives.  I feel deeply blessed.