Love leads the way

I discovered this open door the day after Christmas as I walked back from the ocean at Carmel by the Sea.  It was an image I had been looking for, an open door and a heart.  Both are part of the transition, perhaps pilgrimage, that is my life at the moment.  My experience of  the previous image of a jeweled fence is that the fence was closed.  In contrast, late this past Autumn, I began to feel the stirrings of my own need to prepare for  change, to move, and to discover new things.  My heart was open to change as I explored the coastlines of California near Half Moon Bay, Arcata, and Asilomar.  What will I find discover as I continue this transition?  What I would like is affordable housing-housing with space to renew my love and practice of creative art, meaningful employment, friends, opportunities for service, a community to with whom to worship and to play, and the opportunity to live for many years close to nature in a less urban environment than the one in which I currently reside.   Where is God is this?  God is the open door, God is in the desire for change and discovery and I believe that God is leading the way.  How is God leading you?  What are the open doors in your life?  Blessings and love to you as you travel on your way.