Creating Beauty

Urban Art 1Not too far from where I live is an empty lot enclosed with a chain link fence.  In an urban setting, a chain linked fence is not at all usual.  However, someone has painstakingly beaded several sections of the fence, creating something of transitory beauty, or at least something of interest in their local environment.  I will never know what their motivation was in beading a chain link fence.  However, I am glad that they did.

What does this beaded fence say about what we see and don’t see all around us?  This piece is transitory.  It could be, and will be removed, and the land will be developed into a new building.  The beads will be forgotten and the seeming effort by the artist may have been in vain.  What does it mean to understand beauty as transitory?  Why is there an urge to create, to beautify even ordinary things?

What does this beaded fence say about fences, limitations or limits?  What is the dry earth on the other side of the fence? 

Today, I give you this image to ponder.