You have found your way to a website that focuses on creativity, spirituality and service. I happily encourage you to explore this website, which is frequently updated, and to follow my blog as well.

Creativity is a very broad topic, as is spirituality and service.  The most important statement I can make from the outset, as one creative explorer to another, is one that defines my understanding of creativity:

I believe that creativity is a relational response to who we already are, and are becoming, and to that which created us.

How does that statement resonate with you?  And,

  • Are you a creative person who longs to deeply explore your creativity and the movements of your spirit?
  • Are you looking for resources which may assist you in deepening, and more fully living, your creative and spiritual life?
  • Are you looking for someone who can understand, and relate to, the challenges of living as a creative in today’s world?
  • Are you looking for someone who will simply listen deeply, be present, and hold you in prayer?

How may I serve you?