Rootedness as a Spiritual Practice

When I think of rootedness I am reminded of my landlady's wisteria. I know that may sound a bit strange.

A couple of years ago my landlady wished to have the back of her residence re-painted. In preparation of the painting, she had an old wisteria vine cut down to the ground level. She saved pieces of the vine which were large and twisted as decorative pieces in large flower arrangements, had the painting done and imagined that was all of the wisteria vine. Little did she know that the wisteria was plotting a come-back. Wisteria vines have come up where the roots originally were, in the flower beds, and even through cracks in the concrete floor. I had never thought of wisteria as invasive, but having seen it, I imagine the wisteria will survive longer than the house. I find it amusing and am in awe of the tenacity of this vine.

I imagine each of us are aware of our own "vines" which may be positive, but also potentially less so. We could discuss all kinds of seemingly real and metaphorical vines.

However, in this blog post I wish to focus on that deep root that is part of our goodness, our courage, our tenacity that draws strength from the Holy One who is also the source of our being. It is not a wisteria plant but rather our own living self. We can find humor in our humanness as well as appreciation and gratitude for the gift of life and the grace of living. Thanks be to God.

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Rootedness as a Spiritual Practice

I just discovered on-line an academic writing about Rootedness. I have not read this book as of this time and am not providing a review. However if this topic interests you, you may wish to explore this, Rootedness: The Ramifications of Metaphor by Christy Wampole, University of Chicago Press, 2016.

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Rootedness as a Spiritual Practice

I am house-sitting in North-State California and enjoying a garden on the property that could use some assistance. As it is not my property, I don't want to make a large investment in giving the garden that attention. So, during my stay here, I have been putting cuttings into water and rooting them. In a relatively short time, fragile filaments become visible and then roots. These are then ready for planting where the roots will hopefully establish the plant more securely provided there is enough water, sun, and nutrients for the plant to survive. At this time there is plenty of sun, water less so.

During the month of August, I will continue to reflect upon rootedness both as a way of looking at both fragility and strength.

Why rootedness rather than stability or groundedness? I will touch on those topics as well as they are not separate from rootedness. Also, this blog for August will not be a reflection on Jesus' Parable of the Sower, although I may touch on that as well.

During this month of August as we prepare for the increased pace of the next few months, and as eyes are focused on the skies with both a lunar and solar eclipse, let us also look at our rootedness including our own fragility and strength. Let us look at our need for community, spiritual practice, and God's grace in our lives. May your roots, as well as mine, be deep ones.

Your thoughts or reflections on this topic are invited. Prayers for Earthenware Ministry are always appreciated.



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Play as a Spiritual Practice

Today is the last day that we will specifically focus on the topic of play as a Spiritual Practice. I hope you have enjoyed reflecting on play during the month of July and will continue to incorporate positive play into your life daily.

I further hope that your reflection has led to a deeper awareness of the Holy One and the practices that you might choose to deepen that relationship through that play.

Please leave a message below should you wish to leave any thoughts or comments.

Play on! Peace!

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Play as Spiritual Practice

So, you're the life of the party. Right?


Or, maybe you are and I'm not.

As adults we often pack play into the box labeled "Vacation", "Weekend", or a party that has been pre-scheduled and planned. Often our expectations don't match the reality. The kids get sick, the babysitter cancels, the car breaks down or there is a crisis at work. What then?

Have you ever looked at adults visiting a theme park and noticed their stress. And, this is supposed to be play?

Also, we may have an image of ourselves that is not really our preference either in the moment or ever. (I imagine there are gregarious extroverts who seem to party easily, but I am not one of them.)

I AM all for future planning and schedules. I WILL never be the life of the party. But…

I can choose to see humor in the moment. I can change the routine. I can find pleasure in the scent of a rose or an essential oil. I can put on some lively music and dance. I can read a good book. I can smile at an elderly couple holding hands. I can do a Wordsearch or a Cross Word puzzle. I can play, now, not later.

How about you?

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Free Book Discussion

Are you retired and wondering, what's next? Are you wondering how to connect or reconnect to your creative self? If so, please join me in an on-line facilitated book group beginning on August 9 and running until November 8

We will be using the book, "It's Never Too Late to Begin Again" by Julia Cameron and Emma Lively. You will need to purchase your own copy of the book. Local booksellers either have it or can order it for you, or you can order on-line.

We will meet for 14 weeks, August 9 through November 8 at 10am Pacific Standard Time. Connection information will be provided once you sign up.

If this sounds great – join the group.

What is your next step?

Please e-mail me at:

A bit about me…I am recently retired into the life of a creative explorer. I am a spiritual director and coach who loves facilitating groups and seeing people grow. Join me! This will be fun and quite possibly transformative.

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Play as a Spiritual Practice

Plays well with others. Yes. No.

This question used to be on elementary school report cards along with questions regarding conduct to be subjectively filled out by the elementary school teacher circling or checking either yes or no.

Was this question on your early report cards?

Why was it important that the teacher observe your play and comment on it?

What comment would you make as self evaluation on your imaginary report card today?

A recent NPR on-line blog suggested that the reasons that adults should play is that it builds community, keeps the mind sharp. and keeps one close to the ones they love. These are good enough reasons to play. What do you think?

Let's play!

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